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Summer’s Almost Over!

hohIt’s August; do you know where your homeschool plans are?

I just got the book Managers of Their Homes, by Steve and Teri Maxwell.  I hope it changes how I do school, keep house, blog, scrapbook, fix dinner, exercise, eat, and sleep.  As you can see, I have some issues I am working on.

I know what I want to do for school this year.  Mostly.  I plan on getting some tips and ideas from some of the moms at The Homeschool Lounge.  I like the setup over there.  Friendly and organized.  Which is, ironically, also how I would describe my homeschooling friend Jill, who knows nothing of The Homeschool Lounge because she only got a computer like a year ago, and all the information there would send her into a fit.  But I love her anyway.  I can say all sorts of things about her because she doesn’t read blogs or facebook. She barely reads email more than once a month, probably. See, watch this:

The reason Jill can live on her husband’s salary is because he is so cheap he makes her cut up paper plates so they only have to use two for the whole family.

This isn’t true, technically.  But I digress.  What was I talking about?  Oh yeah.

I need some structure, some direction.  My hubby, the former project manager, has offered many times to help me get organized.  I told him I needed to see proof that he could do this, like samples of his work.  How do I know if he’s any good at it? Just because an Ivy League college pays him for it, I’m supposed to accept his bid, sight unseen?  No proof was offered, and so I turned to the Maxwells.  Now hopefully this year will be different.

By posting this, I am making myself eligible for MANY FABULOUS PRIZES, such as a Rainbow Resource Center $50 gift card, a Doorposts chart, and trendy items from HomeschoolBoutique!!


Tag! I’m It!

Kristin (a.k.a. Yankee Mom) tagged me for this meme. I may, or may not, follow all the rules. That’s just how I do things. And it’s not like the meme police will come after me. Right?

The rules for this meme are:

(1) Link to the person that tagged you.
(2) Post the rules on your blog.
(3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
(4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
(5) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

1.) I like to wear shoes almost all the time.

2.) I like the smell of skunk spray.

3.) Advertising aimed at children annoys me.

4.) I love myths and legends, especially ones with very ancient roots. Where do these things come from? Why do different cultures have such similar myths? I have my theories….

5.) I think toddlers are probably the most adorable people alive, and when I see one I just want to grab them up and kiss them. Even the snotty ones.

6.) When I don’t want to go to bed I log on to and play WordWhomp.

Okay, now for six random people. How random does this have to be? Hmm…ain’t no “have to” here. So here I go:

Fran, Chrissy (who may have already been tagged from someone else), Bunny (completely random)……have fun.


The New Look of Running Home

For those of you who don’t actually visit this blog, but read it via some newsreader, stop by this week and see the new look.  I was feeling creative and needing to rearrange things.  Since my living room sofa is too heavy for me to lift alone, I settled for changing the blog.  Less chance for lumbar injury.


What Book Are You?

You’re The Giver!
by Lois Lowry
While you grew up with a sheltered childhood, you’re pretty sure everyone around you is even more sheltered. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, you were tapped on the shoulder and transported to the real world. This made you horrified by your prior upbringing and now you’re tormented by how to reconcile these two lives. Ultimately, the struggle comes down to that old free will issue. Choose wisely.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.


What Parenting Does To You

For a brief and perfectly accurate description of what happens to a woman after she becomes a mother (at least after she becomes a mother through giving birth…I can’t speak for the moms whose first baby comes into their family through adoption but I imagine it is much the same, perhaps without the disappearance of her abdominal muscles), go see Kristen’s blog, Walking Circumspectly.

I’ve been posting a lot of linkage these days. Am I lazy? No, just sharing and caring for my pals. If I enjoyed it, you might too. Right? I’m certainly not lazy. But I do have a lot on my mental plate these days (not that I have a plate in my head, setting off the alarm at airports and stuff, I just mean I have a lot to think about). And maybe it’s taking up most of my creativity.

That, and I just started reading The Deathly Hallows. Which kept me up a little bit last night. (I’m just up to the part where….never mind. You might not have read it, and in that case I’m not allowed to talk to you about it.)

I’m gearing up for school to start in a couple of weeks. Gannon will be in 1st(ish) grade and I am going to do some preschooly things with Acadia. When I figure it all out I will post what we’re using for materials/curriculum.

Then there are Bible studies to prepare for, children’s church, preschool worship, house issues, kid issues, and car issues. You know, just the usual stuff. Plus the added energy of figuring out how I can get to see The Simpsons Movie. Which is very important, people.


4,000 Things You Don’t Know About Eva

This is probably because of PatL‘s resurgence into blogdom, but whatever the reason this blog’s hits just topped 4,000.  Wow.  In honor of an event of this magnitude, I shall list 4,000 things you might not know about Eva.

Ready?  Here I go…..

Just kidding.


Big Sale’s Aftermath

I think it is ionically funny that Desiring God is advertising for a website programmer.  Ya know, because of how their site was so slow because of the bazillions of hits it got during their 2 1/2 day $5 sale last week.

Anyway, I saw the humor in it…. 


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