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Summer’s Almost Over!

hohIt’s August; do you know where your homeschool plans are?

I just got the book Managers of Their Homes, by Steve and Teri Maxwell.  I hope it changes how I do school, keep house, blog, scrapbook, fix dinner, exercise, eat, and sleep.  As you can see, I have some issues I am working on.

I know what I want to do for school this year.  Mostly.  I plan on getting some tips and ideas from some of the moms at The Homeschool Lounge.  I like the setup over there.  Friendly and organized.  Which is, ironically, also how I would describe my homeschooling friend Jill, who knows nothing of The Homeschool Lounge because she only got a computer like a year ago, and all the information there would send her into a fit.  But I love her anyway.  I can say all sorts of things about her because she doesn’t read blogs or facebook. She barely reads email more than once a month, probably. See, watch this:

The reason Jill can live on her husband’s salary is because he is so cheap he makes her cut up paper plates so they only have to use two for the whole family.

This isn’t true, technically.  But I digress.  What was I talking about?  Oh yeah.

I need some structure, some direction.  My hubby, the former project manager, has offered many times to help me get organized.  I told him I needed to see proof that he could do this, like samples of his work.  How do I know if he’s any good at it? Just because an Ivy League college pays him for it, I’m supposed to accept his bid, sight unseen?  No proof was offered, and so I turned to the Maxwells.  Now hopefully this year will be different.

By posting this, I am making myself eligible for MANY FABULOUS PRIZES, such as a Rainbow Resource Center $50 gift card, a Doorposts chart, and trendy items from HomeschoolBoutique!!


A Few Dads I Love

My Dad

This is my Dad, posing with my kids (2/5 of his grandchildren).


This is Brian, dad to our kids. Ignore the awful haircut I had recently given Gannon. Focus on the great fathering going on.

My Grampie

This is my Grandfather. When he was alive he’d tell me I was his favorite granddaughter. I know he meant it, because I am cool like that.


Here’s Brian’s Dad, the kids’ Pop-Pop. He used to put up a good front, but he’s always been a softie. Now he doesn’t bother with the front. 🙂


This is my brother Josh. He’s a great dad to three great kids. He’s not as stern as he looks in this picture.

Go love your dad.


Ouch, I Say.

This post is less than clever because it is pretty awkward to type right now. I’m wearing two wrist splints because I’ve got carpal tunnel syndrome. Too much blogging? I am not really sure what it is that I’ve been doing to cause this, but here it is nonetheless. Brian’s been opening jars, straining pasta, and bagging up the trash. Like he needs more work to do.

Ready for the worst?

It hurts to use my camera. *sob* That’s one job I don’t want to delegate.

This had better clear up by next week’s trip to Camp Spofford. I can’t let that go undocumented!


Yeah, We Homeschool.

Not that you shouldn’t be able to see a scene like this in any household with small children. But I like to attribute our homeschooling to our love for our children. And our love for silliness.

caps for sale

Other things to note:

  • snow still present in the yard.
  • art project in the window.
  • lots of books on the messy [well-used] bookshelves.
  • blocks.
  • toolbox full of Legos.
  • laundry not put away.
  • Carcassonne game on the end table.
  • boy-kid sitting on the arm of the couch, which is forbidden.
  • girl-kid wearing shorts (see #1).
  • homeschooly outfits worn by the children (would you send your kid to school looking like that?).
  • oh yeah, and the hat quite willingly worn by Daddy.
  • although I didn’t check with him about his desire to have this particular photo posted on my blog for all to see.

Our family is fun.


Do Not Approach The Dellingers.

Our household has fallen victim to an insidious illness that lasts for days. Long, long days. Nights, too. It might be the flu, says Brian’s doctor. We’ll see what the kids’ doctor says this morning when we take them in. I, so far, have remained healthy, despite the lack of sleep and the sympathy symptoms that don’t last.

I won’t disgust you with the respiratory yuckiness that pervades our home, except for this quote from the ever-effusive Acadia:

See? This is the stuff on my eye and when I woke up I couldn’t open them, so… (pause, shrug) I had to eat it! Wasn’t that silly?

Uh…that’s one word for it….


What He Said

Make a man a sandwich, and you feed him for one meal.

Make him make his own sandwich, and you feed him for the same amount of time with far less effort on your part.

These words were uttered yesterday at the lunch table by my wise, wise husband, Dluxe. Write them down. Put them on a bumper sticker. Live the wisdom.


Daddy’s Girl

Acadia and Daddy


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