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musing meI’m wife to Brian and mother to Gannon and Acadia. Being my primary foci, I spend a lot of mental energy on them. Concurrently and preeminently, I am passionate about Jesus Christ.


3 Responses to “who i am”

  1. April 7, 2007 at 5:28 pm

    Beautiful family! I came across your website by clicking the random button on the Christian Women Online “blog thingy”.

  2. 2 Debbie
    August 8, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    Hi, Eva, you gave me the link to your blog years ago in a Bible study — Is it okay that I’m visiting now? From your column of links I visited Ladies Against Feminism. It intrigues me to think about the whole idea of beautiful womanhood and being a home-keeper, now that my kids have all finished college and my girls are working at developing what’s next in their lives. I think I’m going to give some time to evaluating how that worked out for us and whether I would recommend it to my girls and boy (probably yes), and why that is. Life has certainly NOT turned out as I anticipated when I gave birth to Paul.

    love, Debbie

  3. 3 EVA
    November 13, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    i just stopped by, as I was on google to do the “eva needs thing for myself”. not a big blogger myself! however, saw that you are a christian, and think I saw that you or your family is battling a chronic illness? if so, this is me too?

    so i figured I would stop by to say hello, always looking for fellow “jesus krispy’s” (name i self adopted, as I got saved as an adult! was GOTH, and a real nut in H.S and college, thank god for Jesus! anyway, thats what us “cool GOTH/artsy kids” called the FCA students)….so I adopted the term with love, as half joke, half a good sense of humor as I strongly beleive God has one!

    I was healthy until my late teens early 20’s working as a social worker, at the veterans administration for aboout 5 1’2 yrs after attendending college in the same community, at a VERY small liberal arts school. If you have ever heard of antioch, or berea? (in kentucky) it is similar to those….one of 3 or 4 like it in the country! we had a work program wich paid for our room and board, every student worked 15 hrs a week to pay for thier room and board (not optional) part of the “triad” as they called it! we had a full working organic farm and sold the veggies in the community. we ran the recycling program for the county, and actually got it implemented for the county in the first place! we had cows, chickens and pigs, wich were used to train students, for pre vet. my roomate worked on the pig farm and it was a huge problem, because the smell of pig poo, followed her everywhere, like the charachter “pig pen” from the cartoon peanuts, LOL!

    the students did everything from, farming the land, to carpentry (they built the church and other buildings on campus). students worked in the caffeteria to prepare the food, we had other students who did janitoral. EVERYTHING!!!! all different work crews, probably 20-30 different ones or more?

    I had two majors, as I wanted to go into counseling, so i did, psychology and social work! got a BA in psych and BSW in soc work, unfortunately, due to a rare genetic disorder i developed in my early 20’s I was unable to pursue my degree’es any further. But with the internet, that is now an opition????? maybe????

    anyway, that’s enough for now…..I will tell yall more later when I see some responses. But I got saved in my early 20’s, and did a total 360 in life. got s divorce from my first hushand, no kids thankfly! Just got remarried in aug of 2010 and became a stepmom, so that is a big adjustment!

    My roots are pentecostal, (no strichnyne or snake handling though LOL)! Now I attend the Methodist Church with my current husband, and we are getting ready to join tomorrow đŸ™‚
    looking to get more active!!!!

    basically consider myself a non denominational, spirit filled christian, but am wary of the current movement. I am also probably one of the few, if not the last? Left wing, democrat, born again, LOL!

    anyway, no idea how i ended yp here or why i posted, just felt let by the spirt to do so: so i look forward to seeing additional comments, and pray this isnt a dead link!

    my love and prayers are with all, glad to be here, though i am still unsure why : P

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