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I feel like writing in ALL CAPS this morning.  I’m resisting, mostly.

I can’t help but notice we’ve turned a day of gratitude and contentment with what we have into part of the prelude to the biggest MORE-fest ever.  Kinda skipped over the Thanks part and went straight for the Giving.  Or Gimme.

Right now the kids are watching a cute PBS Christmas show with Curious George.  The focus so far?  Making a Christmas list out of a catalog and finding gifts for other people.  Maybe I should be happy they’re emphasizing giving.  But really, do we need to give more stuff at Christmas, in this culture of Way More Than Enough?

Part of it could be the idea of giving thanks.  To whom are we giving the thanks?  Our natural inclination is to ignore God whenever possible.  And who else do you say thank-you to for things that, according to the American dream, you worked so hard to get in the first place?

I hope to teach my kids to be happy with Just Enough.  And to figure out what that means.  I know I tend toward the Just A Little Bit More Will Be Enough, myself.  So that one is a challenge!

Be Thankful.


And the Bride Wore Red

(Not really, but the title was catchy.)

Here are some pictures of our Independence Day celebration.  It went off mostly without a hitch.  Of course, there was the approximately 30 minutes of rising panic that I felt when I could not find Gannon in the small crowd.  He’d gone with his dad to the bank and did not tell me.  I was glad to see him when they showed up.  And that is all I will say about that.

The other hitch was that I sat on a concrete wall that turned out to be the home of a nasty colony of ants.  They got a bit bristly when my hinder parts disturbed their entryway.  I can’t blame them, really.  I do wish though that they had not defended their territory with so much biting vigor.

I didn’t get pictures of that, though.  Sorry.





We were treated to a fly-by of two planes.  I can’t tell you what kind they were.  Loud and fast ones.


Brian sprouted antennae at some point during the day.





Note Acadia’s socks.  She sees no need to match them.  Neither do I.


Random interesting guy, above.



We ran into a few similarly-dressed friends along the way.  We made them feed us dinner.


That thing on her cheek was a mermaid.



A Very Merry Christmas


Wherein Disney princesses, Littlest Pets, and Star Wars guys all live and play harmoniously together.  It’s a beautiful world.


Christmas v. Xmas


As a student at a Christian school, I was taught that people used the term “xmas” because they were trying to take Christ out of Christmas.  It was years later that I learned that the Greek letter chi (X) was used as an abbreviation for Christ, as the word Christ begins with X.  Hence, the term “Xmas”. (As an aside, as I teach my kids at home, I often lament my own narrow educational experience.)

If you care about “keeping Christ in Christmas”, when you see Xmas, don’t get all up-in-arms and grouchy with people.  First of all, getting that way is just plain wrong anyway.  Secondly, you show your ignorance of Christian history.

So anyway, that’s my rant for the day.


Home From The Holidays

We came home from visiting Brian’s folks. The house was still standing, which I noted with nostalgia (we always said that when my parents and my brother and I came home from a long trip).  Upon entering it, however, we kind of wished it weren’t.

The cat, may she rest in peace, for whatever reasons had neglected to use the litterbox for much of the week. Instead, she used the floors.  In order to put our kids to bed, we had to navigate a hallway and bathroom filled with randomly-placed landmines of poop and vomit. While holdig our dozes and talkig like dis. We skipped the tooth-brushing that night. The less time spent in the bathroom, the better.

Brian and I got rid of the biggest (*GAG*) piles before we went to bed.  Praise God that He had nudged me to close all the bedroom doors before we left.

So then, with the moral support of two friends-in-deed, I began the major cleanup the next day.  UGH. In addition to the cat’s mess, I also got to experience the remnants of one of Gannon’s sleepwalking episodes. One where he thought he’d gone into the bathroom and peed in the potty, when in reality he was still in his room and was standing in front of a toybox.

Oh yeah, I also took the cat to the vet and had it euthanised*. Then I took it home and the kids and I buried it deep under the flowerbed.  After we had a time of sitting on the couch with it, petting it and remembering what sort of a cat she was.  We also took the opportunity to examine the general anatomy of cats without being gouged.  That part was Gannon’s idea.  As we sat on the couch, leaning over the dead cat between us, I felt like perhaps a huge blinking sign was over our livingroom, reading “PSYCHO HOMESCHOOLERS”.  It was a unique experience.  I can only hope.

The next day, as I was grumbling about the mess I was still cleaning out of the upstairs carpets, Acadia brightly and optimistically offered, “At least the cat’s dead now, Mom!”  Ah, a girl after her Dad’s own heart.

So yeah, our Thanksgiving was nice.  Then December started.  I am expecting the stomach bug and/or plague of frogs to be arriving soon.  As psycho homeschooler, we will dissect the frogs.  Maybe find a recipe or two for a healthy meal of them.  And do a lapbook on the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt.

*I did not do this without much thought and agonizing emotion. And a check for $88 to the vet.


Deep Birthday Ponderings

Me at a holiday dinner at my grandparents' house

Five years ago today was the day that Levi was “supposed to be” born. I was pretty sad about it at the time.

It was also the day I turned 30, which I wasn’t sad about.

Five years ago today, I was pregnant with Acadia but didn’t know it yet.

Hidden blessings.

Sometimes things are like that, where you don’t particularly feel the goodness of God, or wonder if He is in control of things or not. You have to believe and trust despite what you feel at the moment, even when “the moment” is more like everyday reality.

If we have been justified by Christ, we can take comfort in knowing that these experiences are truly temporary, yet God is using them to make eternal changes toward Him in our hearts.

Even when we never see tangible blessings here in our pre-eternity lives.


A Few Dads I Love

My Dad

This is my Dad, posing with my kids (2/5 of his grandchildren).


This is Brian, dad to our kids. Ignore the awful haircut I had recently given Gannon. Focus on the great fathering going on.

My Grampie

This is my Grandfather. When he was alive he’d tell me I was his favorite granddaughter. I know he meant it, because I am cool like that.


Here’s Brian’s Dad, the kids’ Pop-Pop. He used to put up a good front, but he’s always been a softie. Now he doesn’t bother with the front. 🙂


This is my brother Josh. He’s a great dad to three great kids. He’s not as stern as he looks in this picture.

Go love your dad.


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