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Along the Ridge Trail

We took a walk at the Montshire Museum of Science this morning.  We’re members there and we love it!


Above: fiddleheads.  Below: noodleheads.



Above: I need to look up this flower.   Below: the boardwalk of the vernal pool.



Above: Gannon trying to catch mosquito larvae.  Below: reflections on the surface of the pool.  A vernal pool is one that dries up after spring is over.  During springtime, it is home to breeding frogs and salamanders (and mosquitoes).



Above: was this hemlock chewed by deer, porcupine, or something else?  It wasn’t Acadia; this much I know.  Below: kids not getting along. Boy taunting sister. Sister wanting to leave a space for Mommy, boy scooting over to sit in that space.



Above: bloodroot.  If you pick it, the stem oozes red-orange stuff.


Planting Sunflowers


Acadia likes gardening, especially if it is easy and she is encouraged to get dirty!


Another Evidence of Spring


The kids call these “those purple flowers you can eat”.


Springtime Advice

Parenting Tip:  Now is the time to get your bandaids out of the bathroom and put them by the back door.  A tube of triple antibiotic ointment wouldn’t hurt either.  And maybe some small, soft cloths to use to wash off knees and other body parts that have acquired boo-boos.  I found out last spring that it is easier to tend to it right there than to carry a crying kid to the bathroom while he/she is dripping bodily fluids.

Just thought I’d share, since I am so old and wise and stuff.


A Few Dads I Love

My Dad

This is my Dad, posing with my kids (2/5 of his grandchildren).


This is Brian, dad to our kids. Ignore the awful haircut I had recently given Gannon. Focus on the great fathering going on.

My Grampie

This is my Grandfather. When he was alive he’d tell me I was his favorite granddaughter. I know he meant it, because I am cool like that.


Here’s Brian’s Dad, the kids’ Pop-Pop. He used to put up a good front, but he’s always been a softie. Now he doesn’t bother with the front. 🙂


This is my brother Josh. He’s a great dad to three great kids. He’s not as stern as he looks in this picture.

Go love your dad.


Things Are Looking Mighty Nice.

Some pictures showing the evidence of growth around here:

My first attempt at a perennial garden starts with these blooms.

Impatiens sit in the barrel in the front in the middle of the hostas.

I moved part of the hostas to a spot under the maple tree. I have no idea how it will fare.

Plants. The front yard.

The neighbors’ lilacs are beautiful.

This will be open before we know it. Isn’t it a cute little bud?

Hanging geraniums are awesome. And, see that greeny-shimmery pattern in the background? I learned that it’s called bokeh (boe-kay). I had fun today with the camera, looking for cool bokeh.

This picture: no bokeh, but the promise of green things to come. Even though the green sprig in question is only a weed, sucking the nutrients away from our herbs.

I took all these photos in and around the yard right before the downpour started this afternoon.


Break Out the Bikes

We had some sunny days recently, enough to clear off the roadways of ice and snow, revealing the debris and sand that have been lying there for months. This drying out enabled the kids to ride their bicycles, finally! They both have new ones this year, and are pleased as punch (what does that MEAN, anyway?). Here’s a peek.


You will no doubt notice the massive piles of snow, evidence of the rather low temperatures, necessitating the winter coat and mittens. But how could a mother deny the obvious delight on the face of her beloved daughter?


And here’s The Bike and His Boy. He loves everything about this bicycle. It came from a boy he looks up to. It has handle brakes. It has gears. And, most impressively according to Gannon, it has a kickstand. Be still, my heart. His old bike is in the background, leaning up against the van because it has no kickstand. What will be the ultimate fate of this bike from a bygone era? Gannon suggested that we give it to one of the kids whose house burned this winter. I love this guy.


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