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Thinking Politics??!

I voted on November 2.  But this has nothing to do with that.

You know when you’re in the shower, and you get all these great ideas?  Like mind-blowingly awesome ones that could change the world?  Then one of your kids bursts in, holding their pants, claiming an emergency is about to happen, and you forget all about it?  Come on, you know what I mean.

Well this morning that didn’t happen, and I still have the great idea.  I may run for office.  Actually, I hope someone else implements this, because I don’t *DO* things, I just think about doing them.  This is my life in a nutshell, and it really would not make a convincing campaign slogan.  I don’t have the energy for that anyway.

So, you know how some countries have bad, mean leadership, and that at times causes our country’s leaders to forbid trade with them?  Well, instead of doing that, let’s REQUIRE trade with them, but only with certain companies.  I propose McDonald’s, WalMart, Unilever, and Disney, but am open to suggestions.  Mattel and Viacom, maybe?

We could also make them eat all their food out of those compostable bags that SunChips come in, and all unhealthy meals could come with a toy.  I realize that the Hague may try to intervene with this one, but I think we could prevail.

Who’s with me?


Hot August

It’s a hot day out there.  Heat + Kids = NEED WATER.  They asked to go to the pond, but I told them no.  The water is low, and the weeds are high, and the scent of dead fish is overpowering.  Too dirty to swim at the pond, but hey, get in your suits and go play with the hose.

This is what resulted.

A giant puddle.

It’s a big, giant puddle.  Some of you may recognize this as the location of Dirt City.  We let the Army Corps of Engineers have a go at it, and look what happened.

Walking the bridge.

Gannon made everyone line up and take a turn going over the bridge.  “Don’t fall in the mud,” Acadia said.

“It’s acid,” was his reply.

So yeah, don’t fall in.  But it didn’t stay acid the whole time.  This is a very versatile puddle.

It is also a very DEEP puddle.

Good thing we didn’t go to the dirty, smelly pond.  I want my kids to stay CLEAN!


Laughing At Stuff That’s [Not] Funny

I don’t know, I must just have a weird sense of humor.  But some things are just plain funny to me.  Over the years, I have learned that it is not always appropriate to laugh and point when I’m struck with a fit of giggles over something, especially in public settings.  If I try really hard, I usually can control at least the pointing.

Here are some things that recently have had me snorting.

  • Fashion Against AIDS“…as opposed to “Fashion For AIDS”?  Am I the only one who thinks that’s a ridiculous name?  And is fashion really all that great at fighting against things?  *ponder*  I suppose it could be used to fight against something.  Like those jackets with lots of zippers and chains.  They look like they’d be a good tool in any fight.  Except maybe the fight for an airline boarding pass.  Those metal detectors are picky sometimes.
  • Things that upset my daughter are usually funny, but of course I can’t laugh at them.  Not while she’s around anyway.  Later, I laugh.  And tell everyone I can find to listen.  Like yesterday when she came in crying and sopping wet (in her bathing suit).  At first she tried to make it sound like she was crying because a bunch of boys had hit her.  Then it came out that it was because, “We were playing with the water and then it was every man for himself and it didn’t go very well for me.” Sob, sob, sob!
  • Another thing that I feel I shouldn’t laugh about, but really want to (and do), is  It’s not appropriate at all.  At ALL. But it inspires serious snorts over here.
  • The people who canvass our neighborhood to spread the word about their church.  Yes, okay, this is not nice for me to laugh at them.  But really.  Picture, if you will, a completely average-looking suburban dweller.  You know, shops at Kohl’s, has kids at State Street School, borrows stuff from the neighbors. Okay, got it in your mind?  These are not the people who come to my door asking me to visit their church. The people at the door tend to be far from average.  Either really short, or really tall.  Bright red hair, or a graying perm.  Shopping not at Kohl’s.  Or at all.  I don’t think it is the people themselves I want to laugh at.  What gets me going is their standard non-standardness.  They are so like each other, but unlike so many others.  And that concept, for some reason, is pure hilarity to me.  I don’t quite get myself most of the time.
  • This subskate thing.  You might have seen it in the toy section of your local RiteAid.  It looks highly unlikely that any kid would use it for long.  I may be wrong, I mean, my brother and I spent a lot of time in the summer using everyday objects in some super-cool ways for way longer than any adult would have, I’m sure.  But really.  This thing is just lame, and if I see you with one, I will point and laugh and not even try to contain myself.  Unless you’re a little kid.  Then I will do it behind your back, just to be kind.
  • Okay, one more.  I saw an eyebrow comb at Wal-Mart.  I suppose people could need one, but it struck me as funny anyway.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.  Feel free to hit that ole ignore button, just to be safe for next time.


Scary Stuff


Newton Was Here.

We are a geeky family.  I admit this freely.  In fact, I find great joy in the fact.  One evidence for our geeky-ness is our family’s TV time.  We watch NOVA together.  And we like it.  Well, we like it most of the time.  Last night though, things weren’t so happy.  NOVA is getting a little sensational with their science, I must say.  Black holes are cool, amazing things, and yeah, it’s neat to think that in the middle of the Milky Way galaxy is one of these things.  But really, do we need to be told that at the center of our home galaxy lies a ravenous monster, seemingly fasting of late, but which will wake up hungry and ready to devour everything around it??  And oh, a few years ago it showed signs of awakening and if it does…  can you say spaghettification??

It freaked the kids out.  Sobs were heard.  Some parents mess their kids up by letting them watch Jaws, or some Stephen King film.  We go for the more heady stuff.  NOVA.  Freaked. Them. Out.

My own fears are a little different.  What I am scared of right now is not that the gravity on my feet will be greater than the gravity on my head, thus elongating my body till it snaps in two, then snapping each of those pieces in two, etc.  Nope, not keeping me up at night.  What scares me more is this.  I had some notecards printed up, with some photos that I took, with the intention of selling them to people.  The freaky thing is WHAT IF PEOPLE DON’T LIKE THEM?  What if I’m the only one who likes them, and other people have just been saying nice things about my photos all this time so they wouldn’t have to see me cry, and they aren’t really willing to shell out any hard cash for them, of course??  *GULP*

It’s enough to give a person nightmares.  This person, at least.

It’s for what I think is a good cause (our adoption process), but what if no one thinks that IS a good cause?  What do we think we’re doing, trying to become parents of another child? Look at the two we’ve already messed up!  We make them watch NOVA, for Pete’s sake.  Practically abusive.

Yeah, I have people issues.  But Christ is enough for even me.  And black-hole-fearing children.  And the parents who giggle about their fears.  Later, I mean, after they’re asleep.  Oh come on, you would too, and you know it.  🙂


Luna Lovegood and Violet Heaslip: Separated at Birth?

Harry Potter and Word Girl don’t have too much in common. But you have to admit, these two characters bear a resemblance to each other.



Happy Birthday, #8!

card1Today is the birthday of my favorite baseball player ever, Gary Carter.  He played in the best World Series I ever cared about, the 1986 series that pitted the Mets against the Red Sox.  In his honor, here’s the story of my brief baseball fandom.

My brother Josh was (and is) an avid Boston Red Sox fan. I didn’t really care too much about baseball, except that I liked to play wiffle ball with Josh and the neighbor kids and Major League Baseball on our Nintendo NES.  But, being a sister, I took to the idea of being a fan of a different team than my brother.  Just out of the blue, I picked the New York Mets.  My best friend Erin also chose the Mets, while her brother Matt was into the Red Sox.  So it was pretty much perfect, until I discovered that our teams would never actually play each other.  There went the fun of rooting against my brother, right?

Basically that season I picked a couple of favorite players, Gary Carter (catcher) and Lenny Dykstra (outfield).  Both of them had great seasons.  I kind of stopped liking Lenny though.  His personal life was too controversial for me.  Also, putting his name on a t-shirt just seemed kind of … out there.

Then I discovered the little section of the paper that listed the teams in the 2 leagues, east and west divisions.  I followed them religiously, and they eventually led to the playoffs, which led to the World Series!  Imagine that, our two teams were going to play after all!  I was elated.  So was Josh,although possibly for different reasons.

I don’t remember much of the series (thus proving that I was and am not an actual fan, but rather a mere dabbler), except the whole Bill Buckner debaucle.  Gary Carter, I can now read, performed admirably.  I was proud of my Gary Carter card collection, which I still have in those plastic card pages you put in 3-ring binders.

After the series, Erin and I had some serious ammunition against our brothers.  That was a great fall and winter in that respect.  The next year, neither of our teams made the series, and Erin and I jumped off the Mets ship.  I decided to pick the Oakland A’s and follow that team.  I can’t remember why that particular team allured me.  It may have been something to do with Jose Canseco and Mark McGuire, who were slamming baseballs as The Bash Brothers or something like that.  Plus, the A’s now had Don Baylor, who had been on the Red Sox in 1986, so ha HA!

Then the A’s won the World Series against the Dodgers.  Wow!  I was some kind of a baseball oracle, choosing which team would win when I knew nothing at all about baseball! I was awesome.

And what was Gary Carter doing in 1988?  Umm, I have no idea.  Checking the wiki, I see he was still on the Mets.

card21989.  The A’s won again!  Rock on!  (This was the year of the earthquake in Candlestick Park at the beginning of game 3, remember?)

Then, 1990.  Alas poor A’s.  This was also the year I had my first real boyfriend (all the previous ones had been imaginary?), causing me to lose my interest in baseball and in taunting my little brother.

So that’s my baseball story.  Happy birthday, Mr. Carter!  And thanks for not, you know, having DUIs and assault charges and stuff.  Or obvious steroid use.  We love you for that.  And you’ll always be a Met in my eyes, if only for the fact that I followed baseball for those few years.  🙂

Any historical errors in this post are here because I have a bad memory and I never knew much to begin with.


Already, a Discovery!

School hasn’t even started for the year, and my kids already have been learning. Here at the Dellinger household, every day is a school day. After some experimentation, it was discovered that plastic animals can stick to the ceiling if enough blue sticky-tack is used on their feet. This works even with the big dinosaurs.

You’ll have to use your imaginations on this one. Even though it was a great sight, I hesitated to photograph the process at the risk of condoning such behavior.

But it was funny. And creative.

Should I mention it on our report to the state? Hee hee.

p.s. If you want to see other people’s inventive uses of Sticky Tack, you can google the term and look at people’s images. Interesting. I also personally know one person (who shall remain nameless) who tried chewing it like gum. She was disappointed in the result.


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