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I feel like writing in ALL CAPS this morning.  I’m resisting, mostly.

I can’t help but notice we’ve turned a day of gratitude and contentment with what we have into part of the prelude to the biggest MORE-fest ever.  Kinda skipped over the Thanks part and went straight for the Giving.  Or Gimme.

Right now the kids are watching a cute PBS Christmas show with Curious George.  The focus so far?  Making a Christmas list out of a catalog and finding gifts for other people.  Maybe I should be happy they’re emphasizing giving.  But really, do we need to give more stuff at Christmas, in this culture of Way More Than Enough?

Part of it could be the idea of giving thanks.  To whom are we giving the thanks?  Our natural inclination is to ignore God whenever possible.  And who else do you say thank-you to for things that, according to the American dream, you worked so hard to get in the first place?

I hope to teach my kids to be happy with Just Enough.  And to figure out what that means.  I know I tend toward the Just A Little Bit More Will Be Enough, myself.  So that one is a challenge!

Be Thankful.


A Very Merry Christmas


Wherein Disney princesses, Littlest Pets, and Star Wars guys all live and play harmoniously together.  It’s a beautiful world.


Christmas v. Xmas


As a student at a Christian school, I was taught that people used the term “xmas” because they were trying to take Christ out of Christmas.  It was years later that I learned that the Greek letter chi (X) was used as an abbreviation for Christ, as the word Christ begins with X.  Hence, the term “Xmas”. (As an aside, as I teach my kids at home, I often lament my own narrow educational experience.)

If you care about “keeping Christ in Christmas”, when you see Xmas, don’t get all up-in-arms and grouchy with people.  First of all, getting that way is just plain wrong anyway.  Secondly, you show your ignorance of Christian history.

So anyway, that’s my rant for the day.


And Christmas Continues…..

The kids received a gift card from some long-distance relatives (Hi Mike! Hi Diane!), and we got the fun of going to the store and picking out what to buy. They love doing that. Gannon is really picky, turning everything down till he finds something awesome. Acadia, on the other hand, likes the first pink or fluffy thing she sees and carries it around till the next pink/fluffy thing turns up. Her first pick was a Disney Princesses bathing suit (gag re: the scantily-clad Disney Princesses). Then she wanted a fluffy red sweater-type thing. Then she fell down and whacked her head on the floor and cried and didn’t want anything for about 10 minutes. In consoling her, I brought her around Housewares, where she spied a pillow that she liked. Being both pink AND fluffy, it held her interest all the way to the Jewelry. Then she saw a very cheaply-made Disney jewelry box that cost $20. Oh, how she wanted it. I told her we could get it if it turned out to be on sale for, say, a dime. When we got to the checkout, alas, the item was NOT on sale and she cried and cried and settled for the pillow. As soon as we left the store, she expressed her adoration for the pillow and all was well.

Gannon was disappointed because the store didn’t have any toys except for those attached to t-shirts. He was willing to go for a toy/t-shirt combo with a transforming robot and a shirt featuring some sort of flaming skull on wheels. I mentioned that the shirt was kind of ugly. He said that we could just give the shirt to the thrift store and he could have the toy. Not a good deal for $10, and I vetoed that one. After passing by a certain display on our THREE trips to the rest room in the customer service alcove (which, by the way, is as far from the children’s section as possible; thanks for your brilliant, family-friendly planning on that one), he noticed a very large box containing a table-top air hockey game. brian air hockeyThe price was only $19.99! Brilliant! We placed heaved that baby into the cart and made our way to the registers.

After all our shopping, I had to fish out only $1.98 from my wallet to add to the gift card’s worth. Woo-hoo! So very fun.

And as you can see, Gannon’s gift is being enjoyed by more than just the kids.


The Kids Are Trimming the Tree

Actually, they had already put up the decorations at the time of these photos. When we decorated, I chose to actually take part instead of viewing the whole thing through the camera. Therefore, the following photos are a little bit posed, although very true to actual events. Right down to the cheesy smiles.

Merry Christmas, friends and family!

Gannon decorations

Acadia decorations

kids tree

While I was putting this post together the kids pointed out the baby on the floor. Gannon said, “It looks like it fell there and said, ‘Aw, I hate Christmas!'”


Gingerbread Land

Our answer to the question, “What have you been up to lately?”


little baker


gingerbread 1


gingerbread 3


gingerbread 2


gingerbread 5


gingerbread 6


gingerbread 4


All I Want for Christmas

I’ve been asked to put up a list of stuff I want for Christmas. There’s a lot of stuff I want, so that seems easy, right? The problem is that I have developed this aversion to the Wish List. (As my parents can tell you, this is certainly not an issue I’ve had all my life.) But, putting that aversion aside, here’s the Christmas Wish List 2007 for our family.

Brian: See his post on the subject here.

Eva: colored cardstock, an oven thermometer, a heavy cornbread/scone pan, a small digital food scale, HP 98/95 ink cartridges for the printer, stationery

Gannon: Legos, a kid’s calculator, Calvin and Hobbes book, Garfield book, art/craft supplies

Acadia: Legos, kid-sized mommy’s helper kind of things, little girl’s nail polish/makeup, baby doll supplies, art/craft supplies

Merry Christmas!


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