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Summer’s Almost Over!

hohIt’s August; do you know where your homeschool plans are?

I just got the book Managers of Their Homes, by Steve and Teri Maxwell.  I hope it changes how I do school, keep house, blog, scrapbook, fix dinner, exercise, eat, and sleep.  As you can see, I have some issues I am working on.

I know what I want to do for school this year.  Mostly.  I plan on getting some tips and ideas from some of the moms at The Homeschool Lounge.  I like the setup over there.  Friendly and organized.  Which is, ironically, also how I would describe my homeschooling friend Jill, who knows nothing of The Homeschool Lounge because she only got a computer like a year ago, and all the information there would send her into a fit.  But I love her anyway.  I can say all sorts of things about her because she doesn’t read blogs or facebook. She barely reads email more than once a month, probably. See, watch this:

The reason Jill can live on her husband’s salary is because he is so cheap he makes her cut up paper plates so they only have to use two for the whole family.

This isn’t true, technically.  But I digress.  What was I talking about?  Oh yeah.

I need some structure, some direction.  My hubby, the former project manager, has offered many times to help me get organized.  I told him I needed to see proof that he could do this, like samples of his work.  How do I know if he’s any good at it? Just because an Ivy League college pays him for it, I’m supposed to accept his bid, sight unseen?  No proof was offered, and so I turned to the Maxwells.  Now hopefully this year will be different.

By posting this, I am making myself eligible for MANY FABULOUS PRIZES, such as a Rainbow Resource Center $50 gift card, a Doorposts chart, and trendy items from HomeschoolBoutique!!


Teaching Kids Charity and Clarity

After thinking these thoughts in my own head for a while, I serendipitously came across this post. Good for parents and grandparents to read this. It’s found at Here’s one point I liked:

Counter-consumerism: I’m not preaching anti-consumerism, here — it’s pretty much inevitable that our children’s lives will be shaped by consumerism. But we can teach them to create a critical and reflective relationship with their own consumption, so that they learn to build identities that are not determined by what they buy. Thinking about the relationship between need and possession — e.g. “Do I want this toy because I actually play with it or just because it’s mine?” — can help put them on that path.


What Parenting Does To You

For a brief and perfectly accurate description of what happens to a woman after she becomes a mother (at least after she becomes a mother through giving birth…I can’t speak for the moms whose first baby comes into their family through adoption but I imagine it is much the same, perhaps without the disappearance of her abdominal muscles), go see Kristen’s blog, Walking Circumspectly.

I’ve been posting a lot of linkage these days. Am I lazy? No, just sharing and caring for my pals. If I enjoyed it, you might too. Right? I’m certainly not lazy. But I do have a lot on my mental plate these days (not that I have a plate in my head, setting off the alarm at airports and stuff, I just mean I have a lot to think about). And maybe it’s taking up most of my creativity.

That, and I just started reading The Deathly Hallows. Which kept me up a little bit last night. (I’m just up to the part where….never mind. You might not have read it, and in that case I’m not allowed to talk to you about it.)

I’m gearing up for school to start in a couple of weeks. Gannon will be in 1st(ish) grade and I am going to do some preschooly things with Acadia. When I figure it all out I will post what we’re using for materials/curriculum.

Then there are Bible studies to prepare for, children’s church, preschool worship, house issues, kid issues, and car issues. You know, just the usual stuff. Plus the added energy of figuring out how I can get to see The Simpsons Movie. Which is very important, people.


Homeschoolers Convene

This past weekend I attended my very first Christian Homeschoolers Convention. And I am so glad I did. It was great fun, to be with so many other people who have chosen home education for their family. Hanging out with the four other moms from my church was also good. I came away from the convention with a renewed desire to homeschool and a huge desire to do the will of God for my family, whatever that is at the time.

My friend Kristin (Yankee Mom) also attended the convention, and has posted a more lengthy description of her experience here. Her take on the convention was largely the same as mine, and I am too lazy to write more, so I encourage you to read it (and the rest of her blog) if you’re considering home schooling for your family. Those of us who are politically conservative and/or love history will also enjoy reading her posts. 🙂


Works-For-Me: Packing for a Trip with Kids

I’m not going to tell you all the stuff one needs when one is traveling with children. For one thing, I don’t know all the things you need. Mostly though, I just don’t have the time to write all that, and you would invariably need something I didn’t mention! We have had plenty of chances lately to pack clothes for the kids. We packed for a trip to Delaware, a trip to New York, and an overnight. Two-thirds of those trips never happened due to this weird weather, but the clothing was packed nonetheless.

Gannon’s clothes are getting too big for this, but we’ve got a way of organizing Acadia’s clothes in her duffle. We put each outfit, including top, bottom, socks, and undies, into a gallon-size ziplock bag. We squish out all the extra air till it’s nice and flat(ish) and toss it into the duffle. That makes it easy for her to grab out her own clothes for the day, and it gives us an extra plastic baggie in case she dirties her clothes in a way that requires quarantine. If you are fussy about what clothes will go with which, this is a great method to give you the freedom to delegate the overseeing of the morning getting-dressed.

Something else I try to do when we travel is to pack outfits that are all one color scheme…like with Acadia I’ll pack all blues and reds, with solid pants and print tops, so that everything matches in case I need to cannibalize from another outfit (eww, that was maybe not a good word choice). With Gannon this is somewhat easier, since most of his clothes seem to be orange or denim. I am not sure how this happened, except that once I realized that I like the way he looks in orange I went with it.

For more Works-For-Me tips, visit Rocks in My Dryer!! While you’re there, poke around a little, because her blog is very fun.


Works-For-Me: Keeping Art Contained

paint handsYou know those projects that kids love to do, the ones with sequins and buttons and little pieces of things and lots of glue? If you’re cringing already, this tip is for you.

We recently discovered Discount School Supply‘s “Brawny Tough Plastic Art Trays,” in small and large. We have the smaller ones, and they work well for small projects. The kids like them because they don’t have to chase their little rolling art stuff all over the place, and because it gives them a little territory of their own. art trayI like them because it means spills are contained and arguments are minimized. The small ones are great, but if you want to use full-sized construction paper, I’d suggest getting the large ones.

This post is part of Rocks In My Dryer’s Works-For-Me Wednesdays. Check out the party!


The Mom Book

I love magazines.

I hate magazines.

What a pain to have years’ worth of Family Fun, Parenting, Child, Cottage Living, and the like in boxes, piles, or on shelves. Who has room for that kind of thing? And how can you find anything in there anyway? “Hmm…didn’t I see a great idea for my boy’s bedroom curtains…somewhere…sometime….?” But those monthly periodicals often contain great ideas within their pages. So what to do?

Rip ’em out.

I have a binder (another binder idea) that I have dubbed The Mom Book. In it I save and organize all the articles, columns, and even ads that inspire me. Mostly they have to do with the kids or the house, which is why I called it The Mom Book. When I find a neat color scheme, I stick it in there (I use those slide-in page holders). If I see a great toy ad, it goes in there too. Recipes go in a different binder, unless it’s more of a nutritional essay. I have an article about raising an introverted child, one on convenient exercises for mothers, and one on postpartum depression. Craft and holiday ideas go in there too.

When I’ve pillaged everything I like from the magazine, I toss it in the trash recycle it get it out of my house. This was a big step for me, since I am a packratesque teacher who sees a future use for everything (I save those plastic containers mushrooms come in). But the clutter finally got to me! So there you have it.

This post inspired by Rocks In My Dryer’s Works For Me Wednesday posts.


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