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Laughing is good. Most of the time.

In the words of storyteller Robert Munsch, “This house is going craaaazyyyy!”

Not really, but it sure feels like it sometimes.  I have tried to look at the ridiculous and the delightful, as a way of counting my blessings.  Here are a few.

  • “I want some of that too!  What is it?”
  • cantabump, n.  A person who eats other people.
  • “I’m full.  Can I have more?”
  • “I love you. You’re the best whole world.”
  • (At the end of the book, every time)  “Amen.”
  • Bear’s name is Foo Foo, but we can’t pronounce that, so we call him Poo Poo.
  • Name of a certain private body part: tooter.
  • Raisin Bran for breakfast please, but I will not eat the raisins.
  • “Finger out of your nose, please.  Do you need a tissue?”  “No, I just had to get this out.”  (produces “this.”)
  • Picking apples wearing a leotard and cowboy boots.  No, this was NOT me.

Laughing At Stuff That’s [Not] Funny

I don’t know, I must just have a weird sense of humor.  But some things are just plain funny to me.  Over the years, I have learned that it is not always appropriate to laugh and point when I’m struck with a fit of giggles over something, especially in public settings.  If I try really hard, I usually can control at least the pointing.

Here are some things that recently have had me snorting.

  • Fashion Against AIDS“…as opposed to “Fashion For AIDS”?  Am I the only one who thinks that’s a ridiculous name?  And is fashion really all that great at fighting against things?  *ponder*  I suppose it could be used to fight against something.  Like those jackets with lots of zippers and chains.  They look like they’d be a good tool in any fight.  Except maybe the fight for an airline boarding pass.  Those metal detectors are picky sometimes.
  • Things that upset my daughter are usually funny, but of course I can’t laugh at them.  Not while she’s around anyway.  Later, I laugh.  And tell everyone I can find to listen.  Like yesterday when she came in crying and sopping wet (in her bathing suit).  At first she tried to make it sound like she was crying because a bunch of boys had hit her.  Then it came out that it was because, “We were playing with the water and then it was every man for himself and it didn’t go very well for me.” Sob, sob, sob!
  • Another thing that I feel I shouldn’t laugh about, but really want to (and do), is  It’s not appropriate at all.  At ALL. But it inspires serious snorts over here.
  • The people who canvass our neighborhood to spread the word about their church.  Yes, okay, this is not nice for me to laugh at them.  But really.  Picture, if you will, a completely average-looking suburban dweller.  You know, shops at Kohl’s, has kids at State Street School, borrows stuff from the neighbors. Okay, got it in your mind?  These are not the people who come to my door asking me to visit their church. The people at the door tend to be far from average.  Either really short, or really tall.  Bright red hair, or a graying perm.  Shopping not at Kohl’s.  Or at all.  I don’t think it is the people themselves I want to laugh at.  What gets me going is their standard non-standardness.  They are so like each other, but unlike so many others.  And that concept, for some reason, is pure hilarity to me.  I don’t quite get myself most of the time.
  • This subskate thing.  You might have seen it in the toy section of your local RiteAid.  It looks highly unlikely that any kid would use it for long.  I may be wrong, I mean, my brother and I spent a lot of time in the summer using everyday objects in some super-cool ways for way longer than any adult would have, I’m sure.  But really.  This thing is just lame, and if I see you with one, I will point and laugh and not even try to contain myself.  Unless you’re a little kid.  Then I will do it behind your back, just to be kind.
  • Okay, one more.  I saw an eyebrow comb at Wal-Mart.  I suppose people could need one, but it struck me as funny anyway.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.  Feel free to hit that ole ignore button, just to be safe for next time.



I feel like writing in ALL CAPS this morning.  I’m resisting, mostly.

I can’t help but notice we’ve turned a day of gratitude and contentment with what we have into part of the prelude to the biggest MORE-fest ever.  Kinda skipped over the Thanks part and went straight for the Giving.  Or Gimme.

Right now the kids are watching a cute PBS Christmas show with Curious George.  The focus so far?  Making a Christmas list out of a catalog and finding gifts for other people.  Maybe I should be happy they’re emphasizing giving.  But really, do we need to give more stuff at Christmas, in this culture of Way More Than Enough?

Part of it could be the idea of giving thanks.  To whom are we giving the thanks?  Our natural inclination is to ignore God whenever possible.  And who else do you say thank-you to for things that, according to the American dream, you worked so hard to get in the first place?

I hope to teach my kids to be happy with Just Enough.  And to figure out what that means.  I know I tend toward the Just A Little Bit More Will Be Enough, myself.  So that one is a challenge!

Be Thankful.


Time for Chai

My current favorite recipe for chai:

  1. A good mug, having a smallish surface area so the drink doesn’t cool off too fast.
  2. Celestial Seasonings India Spice Chai, 1 bag.
  3. boiling water
  4. powdered milk, 4 heaping teaspoons (Fat free, yet creamy! Woot!)
  5. granulated sugar, 2 heaping teaspoons (Dude, if it’s not sweet, it’s not chai)
  6. a timer set for 4 minutes

Steep the tea for 4 minutes or a few seconds longer.  DO NOT SQUEEZE THE BAG.  Remove the bag.  Add milk and sugar, stirring.  Drink and relax.  If you’re really fortunate, you will enjoy the entire cup before it cools.  If your kids interrupt you with things like, “Gannon rode my bike and the chain came off,” or “Will you please call the national guard now,” do not despair.  This is yummy iced as well.

By the way, those are examples of two actual interruptions I have had during this very cup of chai, which I am now sipping.


Five Year Olds in Conversation

Some things I heard just now as Acadia did some stamp art with a neighborhood boy:

J: You are my very best friend in the whole wide world.

A: Wow, thanks!  Now I have two best friends in the whole wide world!  You AND Jayda!


A: Party favors are so fabulous that I could just cry out for joy!


J: Yours is fabulous.  Mine is gonna be fabulous too.

A: Yours already IS fabulous!

Kindergarteners are fun to have around.  Every household should have at least one.


It Is Not Death to Die

Any Christian touched by sadness, grief, depression, fatigue, unbelief, illness, or any other type of suffering should listen to the CD by Sovereign Grace Music, Come Weary Saints.  With my walk with depression, the ideas in these songs have sustained me.  Having these songs together like this…wow.  And I love the way they have been arranged on the CD.  It’s very emotionally satisfying, if that makes sense.  As I listened to it for the first time, I felt myself moving through that familiar series of feelings, starting out being tired and worn out, too tired to think.  By the end, I could see the overlay of God’s plan over the outline of my life.

Here are the lyrics to one of the songs.  This was altered by Bob Kauflin and based on an 1832 hymn.

It is not Death to die, to leave this weary road,
and join the saints who dwell on high,
who’ve found their home with God.
It is not death to close the eyes long dimmed by tears,
and wake in joy before your throne,
delivered from our fears.

O Jesus, conquering the grave,
your precious blood has power to save.
Those who trust in you will in your mercy find
that it is not death to die.

It is not death to fling aside this earthly dust,
and rise with strong and noble wing
to live among the just.
It is not death to hear the key unlock the door
that sets us free from mortal years
to praise forever more.

O Jesus, conquering the grave,
your precious blood has power to save.
Those who trust in you will in your mercy find
that it is not death to die.


Someone’s Special Day

My beautiful niece Iris turns 7 today.  This first picture is from when she was 2.

And here she is a couple years later.

Iris has a fun-loving attitude, a friendly demeanor, an artistic flair, and show-stopping eyes.

Very Happy Birthday wishes to you, Iris!  Have fun being 7!


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