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Hot August

It’s a hot day out there.  Heat + Kids = NEED WATER.  They asked to go to the pond, but I told them no.  The water is low, and the weeds are high, and the scent of dead fish is overpowering.  Too dirty to swim at the pond, but hey, get in your suits and go play with the hose.

This is what resulted.

A giant puddle.

It’s a big, giant puddle.  Some of you may recognize this as the location of Dirt City.  We let the Army Corps of Engineers have a go at it, and look what happened.

Walking the bridge.

Gannon made everyone line up and take a turn going over the bridge.  “Don’t fall in the mud,” Acadia said.

“It’s acid,” was his reply.

So yeah, don’t fall in.  But it didn’t stay acid the whole time.  This is a very versatile puddle.

It is also a very DEEP puddle.

Good thing we didn’t go to the dirty, smelly pond.  I want my kids to stay CLEAN!



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