What my kids say when they are asleep

Gannon sleeps soundly and rarely makes a peep. Instead, he can sometimes be found looking for the bathroom, while sleeping. This produces amusing and often embarrassing results, and I won’t go into detail.

Acadia sleeps, but remains her usual, social self even while doing so. Most of what she has to say is directed toward her brother. “Gannon, no! Mine!” is a favorite. Just now she asked me, in her sleep, what “very” means. I told her to go to sleep. She asked a followup question: “What does Very Very mean?”

She has also talked about people I have never heard of. This is mildly disturbing.

Another question she asked me tonight, after I thought she was asleep, was, “is it only the firstborn boy who got the blessing back then, or was it the oldest child?”

Always thinking. I like that.


1 Response to “What my kids say when they are asleep”

  1. August 6, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    What great questions! Her brain must be going alllll the time.

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