You Know Your Getting Old When…

Okay, so yesterday Brian bought me flowers and had them sent here while he was at work.  (Yes, I know I have said this a lot lately, but it was just so cool and unexpected and sweet.)  I was delighted and immediately put them in a vase, at Acadia’s suggestion.  (Her lightbulb idea was, “Mom, we could put them in a bottle!”  No, we don’t see many cut flowers around these parts.)

The vase went on the dining room table.  As I stood back admiring the lovely tulips, Gannon came over.  He took in the view of the tabletop, which is where we do school, of course.  Not to mention where we eat breakfast, feed the baby, toss our wet boots, and brush our teeth.  Okay, maybe not those last two.  But it was kind of a mess.  Gannon looked at it all and had this suggestion.  “We should take a picture of this and put it online with a big FAIL.”

My eight-year-old knows of the FAIL Blog.  And he uses this information to trash my housekeeping skills.

Aren’t they pretty though?  I think they look nice against the background of the upturned yellow highchair tray.


1 Response to “You Know Your Getting Old When…”

  1. January 23, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    SO funny. I didn’t know you had a baby!

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