Randomness on April Ninth

Gannon is officially 7 1/2.  Acadia is officially down with pneumonia and an ear infection.  Brian is officially down in DelMarVa, but on his way back up.  This evening, his parents will officially be on the road up here too.  My blogging has become considerably lamer.

None of these things are connected….or are they???

Actually no, they really aren’t.  Other than the whole “God’s beautiful plan” thing, I mean.

Parenting Tip: Before you clip your fingernails short, hide all the stickers from your 5 year-old.  You will not be able to peel them off the bathroom counter and other inappropriate places for Lisa Frank to show her rainbow-colored, big-eyed face.

I’ve been reading Miseducation, by David Elkind.  I’ve learned that I share the opinions of a well-educated, well-written, often-quoted, child researcher.  I feel validated.  Here I was, feeling fringie because of my ideas that infants and toddlers don’t need formal classes and, in fact, can be harmed by them.  Only to discover that other people (who have thought about it longer than I have) agree with me.  Kids have lots of work to do in the first 4-8 years of life.  It’s irresponsible to interrupt that with someone else’s agenda.  So there.

If you look at people who have excelled in their area of choice, you won’t find that they all received formal instruction in that area from an early age.  You won’t see them picking up skills as they emerged from the womb.  They will say that they have had unusually supportive parents.  If they’ve had an early mentor in their paricular field, that mentor gave them enthusiasm and passion, not skills.

Okay, enough randomness for one morning.


1 Response to “Randomness on April Ninth”

  1. April 9, 2009 at 10:09 am

    Wow, that’s SO refreshing! I’ve always disliked the idea of pre-school and now I know why.

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