My Kingdom For A Sledge!

You know, I am finding it difficult to retain my usual sunny and non-critical (ahem) personality when I can’t help but notice that our town’s outdoor ice skating area is better maintained than the residential street in front of my house. In fact, the ice is most likely thicker here on The Terrace than it is under the skates of those merry gliders across from the library. Granted, the sand truck just went by, thus making skating on the street fairly difficult, but I would be willing to wager my piggy bank that our street has seen the plow less often than the rink has.

But I am not bitter. Just glad we live relatively close to the main road.

p.s. The kids are watching PBS’ Curious George, and I just overheard this post-appropriate line: “This is bad, but I can think of 56 ways it could be worse.”

1 Response to “My Kingdom For A Sledge!”

  1. March 7, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    This is bad….I love it and it applies to my day today. Perfect timing!

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