Some Things Are Just Plain FUNNY.

Gannon has a cold and wanted a day off from school. I said we’d take a break from certain parts of school, but do other parts, like when I read books to him. His reaction? “Okay, but no learning.”

Another thing I find amusing is a news story out of Washington state. My apologies to those of you whom this may bother, but cows are just one of those things that are, to me, just plain funny. They just look so….brainless and herd-like. Anyway, apparently a couple was blithely driving along a Washington highway when suddenly a 600 lb. cow dropped onto the hood of their minivan. A cow. From the sky. Well, from a 200 ft. cliff, actually. The people were unhurt. The cow…not so much “unhurt” as “euthanized at the scene”. If you want to read more of the story, here ya go.

Acadia is usually just plain funny. She says the weirdest things. Did I already post on here how she named one of her dolls “Mr. French Cheese”? Thankfully, her dolls’ names never last longer than a few minutes. Then last week she and Gannon were playing with the wooden blocks and integrating their play with their history lessons. Gannon says that he’s building the bridge of Siloam. Acadia says she’s building the bridge of Tyrone. (And Mommy manages not to burst into laughter.) Gannon shows how his block temple has pillars behind it to make it strong. Acadia, not to be outdone, announces that her temple’s got movie theaters behind it. (…and which temple will be better-attended?)

Good for a laugh, anyway…

1 Response to “Some Things Are Just Plain FUNNY.”

  1. November 9, 2007 at 12:09 pm

    Very funny — and that COW story!!! One of those “Now I’ve heard everything” bits and what a story to tell your grandchildren, LOL. Your kids sound adorable, too — so imaginitive. I love it, “And NO learning!”

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