The Weirdo Book of Names

After a couple of conversations that I will not even begin to attempt to recreate for you blog readers, the children have decided on some nicknames for themselves. They are happy with these names, and are glad to tell their friends of them and remind the other family members to use them.

Gannon is now “Deer Tick”.

Acadia is now “Pink Pants”.

The two of them take great joy in naming things, like their tadpoles, minnows they catch at the pond, crayfish they find in the mud, and squirrels that frolic in the neighborhood. Earlier this week they caught two crayfish. One had lost a front claw (“he’s been in a war,” said Gannon). Gannon named him One-Claw and graciously let Acadia name the other. She decided on Two-Claws. While perhaps not distinctive, it was certainly accurate.

The names they choose have to be pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable, like ONEclaw. Other names that have been given:

  • Stripey the goldfish
  • Frogger the tadpole
  • Squigger the ….some kid of pond-dwelling larva
  • Big-Head the stuffed dog
  • No-Eyes the earthworm

Let’s all hope they both grow out of this by the time they have children of their own. I’m not sure how I would feel about calling my grandchildren by the names Bald Head, Bum Rash, Drool Mouth, and Burper.

1 Response to “The Weirdo Book of Names”

  1. June 25, 2007 at 8:15 pm

    Or they might grow up to be like my hubby. He comes up with dorky nicknames for all the guys at work and they all contribute. I don’t think they’d feel loved otherwise. *Ü*

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