Snails, Slugs, Salamanders, and Other Friends

snailsThe kids and I went up to Open Fields School‘s 35th reunion (I taught there part-time for one year B[efore]C[hildren]). Gannon absolutely did not want to leave. I knew it would happen. Kids, and the right kind of adults, are attracted to the place. It sucks them in with its bright rooms, colorful posters, walls of books, and appraochable adults. snail sharingAnd all that’s just inside the building. The outside parts of Open Fields are equally alluring, or perhaps more so when you’re a five year old boy. Initially Gannon saw the sand pile, but then the playground structure caught his eye. After a bit, either Gannon or Acadia made the discovery that the nearby bushes were inhabited by (joy of joys) snails! While this may not be all that great for the bushes, to my kids this was of immense interest. They collected and shared them with their new friends.

beaver pond 1After lunch most of us walked (trooped? paraded?) to the Beaver Pond. This was almost too much for Gannon. To be in such a place with the freedom to stalk around in the grass, muck, and water with a long-handled net was glorious. He would happily have taken up residence and was quite reluctant to leave. Gannon and the other kids caught frogs, newts, and a few other critters. Somehow Gannon was persuaded to leave them all in the pond when we left, although he really wanted to keep a red spotted newt for our tank.

beaver pond 2Many of the benefits of a place like Open Fields can be had by homeschooling, and I am already enjoying being such a big part of Gannon and Acadia’s education.


1 Response to “Snails, Slugs, Salamanders, and Other Friends”

  1. August 5, 2007 at 5:21 am

    So, we have OFS in common now! We held some of our rehearsals for O’Murder there. Some of those little chairs are murder, man. Oh! I said a funny.

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