Sick Kids

We’re sickies again.

Both Cadie and Gan have fevers, coughs, and runny noses. Gannon has the sad addition of a wickedly chapped lower lip (“My lip is falling apart,” he lamented), to which I have been applying Lansinoh at a fairly constant rate (Lansinoh–it’s not just for boobies anymore). Yesterday they were content to sit around in their tents and watch Peep and Veggie Tales. This morning Gannon is still moving pretty slowly but Acadia is dancing around the house singing, “Ooh! Balleriiiina! Ooh! Balleriiiina!” I hope she is on the mend because she is scheduled to have her cavities filled on Monday, under anesthesia. And, of course, I hope she is on the mend just because she’s my daughter and I hate it when she is sick. Makes me sad.


The question of the day is whether or not I should bring them out to get groceries. I don’t feel very good either, which is making me lean toward going out, in case I feel lots worse tomorrow and then we’re REALLY out of food. I’ve already played the box-o-pasta-and-jar-o-sauce card this week (although I jazzed it up with actual ground beef).

I am warding off my gloomy mood that usually accompanies sick kids by being absolutely adamant about my time with God. I am praying that it becomes habitual and I won’t have to try so hard at it. The things I want to do I don’t do, and the things I don’t want to do, I do


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