We’ve been kinda busy lately with school, friends, Christmas-related fun, toilet-training, and the like. An update on our lives seemed blogworthy, so here it is.

Acadia suddenly knows several colors, and her speech is progressing well. You can hear her trying to say the “L” sound, which I wouldn’t have thought she’d be doing now. She also now says “an-i-mals” instead of leaving out the middle of the word…she’s applying that to other words as well.

Gannon enthusiastically asks for school every day now. That’s good, since I sometimes slack off and rationalize the benefit of taking a day off. Today I wanted to take Acadia to story time at the library, but he wanted to do school too, so we brought it with us. He and I worked on handwriting and a word search while Acadia listened enraptured to the stories. I was pleasantly surprised by how good Gannon was at the word search puzzle. He enjoyed it, too. Sarah, the children’s librarian, came over as she always does to talk to the kids. Gannon loved showing her all his school stuff, especially the binder he toted it all in.

We had snow once. Now it is gone.

Our house is decorated happily for Christmas. The little nativity set I made a few years ago out of Sculpey was hanging in the kitchen in a shadow box. Now it is on the counter in a pile. Someone, who shall remain nameless, was playing with something that hit the box and all went flying. Poor Joseph, in losing his right arm, fared better than one of the wise men who was decapitated. Thankfully all pieces were recovered and Gann–I mean The Nameless One assured me it could all be glued back together. No one cried, and no one yelled, so I think it did not degenerate into a Family Tragedy. I expressed my sadness and the other person expressed his deep apology.

For those of you who know me well (and who else would be reading this, I wonder?), be on the lookout for odd behavior, as I am currently tapering off a certain psychotropic drug. The most noticeable effect will probably be that I won’t be able to stop talking. That manifested itself a little bit in Bible study last night. I think I was somewhat coherent, though. I think.

In the fine motor department, our boy is not speeding ahead of anyone these days, as is evidenced by this photo of him with his friend who is 9 months younger. Notice the difference in how the pages are colored?

On the front lines of the battle for toileting independence, Acadia is fighting the good fight. When we go out, she handles herself very well. At home however, she needs a bit of watching unless she is not wearing any pants. Then things are just fine, for some reason. Increased awareness, I suppose.

Tonight I took the kids to the library (yes, twice in one day) because they were having a winter celebration. I made the mistake of telling Acadia it was a party, and she kept asking where the birthday cake was, and if it was her birthday. Despite that we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. We were introduced to Shrinky Dinks, for one thing. By far the best part of the evening was a man who played the pan flute. I used to make fun of this instrument, but the way my kids were mesmerized by it was so great to watch. The guy was great too, answering all Gannon’s questions and playing music intentionally to get Acadia to dance, which she aerobically did so. Gannon was able to play it a little, and the smile on his face made my heart skip a beat (isn’t it funny how in love moms are with their kids?). He had all sorts of questions for the man, and they conversed about the instrument’s history, how to play it, how sound travels, what makes a sound, what the instrument was made of, how it compares to a saxophone, how it compares to a harp, how to breathe when you play it… I was educated, let me tell you. Finally I mentioned the fact that there were cookies upstairs and we said our goodbyes.

Speaking of cookies, I was involved in two cookie exchanges this week. I have had more sugar and in more varieties of presentation this week than I have since last year at this time. I love it.

A recent addition to our family tech is Gannon’s digital camera. He takes pictures incessantly, or at least as much as he can while allowing me time to download them and free up the memory.
He wants a blog now.

In answer to the question, “When are you going to learn to read?” Gannon replied, “Robots.” Um.

So that’s how things have been, at least with the kids and a little bit with me. For Brian’s take on things, you’d do well to visit his blog. I cannot begin to do justice to the immensely deep thoughts proceeding from the mind of my hubby these days.

2 Responses to “Smatterings”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    December 14, 2006 at 10:08 am

    Thanks for sharing… perhaps a ‘game’ of tracing may assist G’man with motor skills…
    Looking forward to seeing you soon

  2. 2 Christine
    December 18, 2006 at 4:57 pm

    Here-here for Gannon getting his own blog. He is, after all, just following in the literary ways of his parents. I can only imagine what he would write about, but given the observations you make of his life, it would be interesting!

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