Acadia is correcting one of her speech errors, all by herself! Woohoo! She used to do things like
pup / cup
pum / come
pip toe / tip toe
tat / cat

This error is called consonant harmony (a term I learned from her speech therapist). She matches the first consonant to the next one in the word. But in the past couple of days, before her speech therapy started, Acadia’s been saying
tup / cup
tum / come
tip toe / tip toe (corrected!)

This is a different error, a much more easily corrected one, called fronting. She uses the tip of her tongue to make the sounds, instead of raising the back of her tongue to make the /k/ or /g/ sound. The cool thing about this is that Acadia hears that she is making the mistake. She can tell that what she is saying does not sound like what we are saying. Lots of kids can’t differentiate between how their words sound and how others’ sound, because it just kind of gets wired that way in their brain. Then the therapist has to work on that part of it first, just to get them to recognize they’re not saying it right. But Acadia will only have to work on moving her tongue correctly.

I think it will be a fast transition for her to get to saying it right, because she already says those sounds at the end of words, like duck or bug. So the next step is helping her get that sound to the middle of words by going from bug to buggy, or Jack to Jackie. Then it will be a small hop to get that sound at the beginning of the words.

Here’s to intelligibility!

And pardon any typos; I’m not proofing this. Speaking of intelligibility. 😉


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