Homeschool: The Beginning

We had our first day of school a week ago. The kids were pretty excited about it. Acadia was excited just because she gets happy whenever anyone else does, but Gannon had good reason to be looking forward to kindergarten. We’d been preparing and getting all sorts of cool, fun things settled into the school room for weeks. I took these pictures on our first day, Gannon next to the weather chart (from Mom-Mom) and Acadia next to her very own magnetic Pooh calendar (thanks, Laura).

Before we started, Gannon could count objects to 29, identify all 26 letters (upper and lowercase), write his first name and a couple more words, and recognize a few small words by sight. He also knew the sounds of most of the letters. Today, after a week, he can count objects to 100 with very little trouble, sound out words in the -at family, and count by 10s from 10-100. He’s a genius, I tell ya!

Acadia is learning things too, like how to play without checking in with me every 4 seconds, how to share toys, and how to accept the idea that not everything is for her. Skills we all need in life.

And I’m learning more about my kids, myself, and God. Again, that’s what we’re going for in life, right?


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  1. 1 PatL
    September 17, 2006 at 10:01 pm

    Tag! You’re it, girlfriend! Hope you don’t mind the tag …

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