Beach Etiquette

Spending most of my mornings at the town swimming area, I’ve observed a few things. There’s a certain code of manners that the regulars abide by. Even though I have frequented the beach for three summers now, I am just now feeling pretty much comfortable there, socially I mean. That’s just because of my own insecurities and over-analysis of things. Here’s a guide, in case you should decide to stop by.

1. Space is limited; don’t take up a lot of room. Large beach blankets are frowned upon.

2. Don’t let your kids run around too much. It stirs up the sand and gets in people’s faces. Nobody likes this.

3. When you arrive, it is proper to say hi to people if they catch your eye. If not, ignore them till they look at you. If they’re reading, pretend they’re invisible.

4. If you bring beach toys, share with everyone. When you leave, consider leaving your toys if someone is playing with them. You can get it tomorrow. Or in August. Conversely, if you see a beach toy you’d like to use, feel free to take it unless it’s currently in use or if it’s on someone’s towel. Anything on the sand is free.

5. If you’re giving your kids snacks, also give them to any other kids who come up and ask. Encourage your kids to do the same to other parents. The same rule applies to the use of sunscreen.

6. Splashing any mom or baby is strictly prohibited. Dads, however, may be splashed if they’re in the water.

7. If you have to leave the beach, it is appropriate to ask a complete stranger to watch your kids for you “for a minute” while you use the bathroom, get lunch, or do groceries. This is less polite, but not unheard of, if one of your children is a nursing baby.

Have I missed anything?


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