No Title Here

As I was logging into Blogger just now I did that thing where you’re too fast for the connection or something, and you type your name in the username spot, hit Tab, then type your password, only to look up and discover that at least half of your password is now at the beginning of your username. I may be the only one who feels this way, but I am always completely horrified when that happens. It’s like I’ve seen something that should never be visible, to anyone, not even me. Like a Victorian lady getting dressed in the dark lest she offend herself by the sight of her corset. I’m used to seeing my password being displayed in little black dots as I recite the characters in my head. Having each letter show up on the screen like that…. *shudder* Creepy.

I’m so shaken up that I have forgotten the topic of this post. Sorry. I’ve got to go lie down.


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