Bear, or Bare?

Brian pointed me to a post over at Pyromaniacs that will undoubtedly provoke some discussion, at least if the right people read it. Don’t comment till you read the essay. I think the guy’s right on. I’ll put in here a quote, just for the googlers, but for you faithful readers with Running Home bookmarked, just go read the whole thing. It Could Save Your Life. And possibly turn you on to a great blog. (The following quote is referring to church women dressing immodestly.)

So here comes this brother into the assembly of the saints, hoping for a rest from the battles of the week, a moment to regroup, sing, pray, get the Word, fellowship. He looks up to the choir, or to his left or his right — and in a tick of the clock, he’s facing the same struggle he faced every time he turned on his TV, opened a magazine, or went down a city street. He’s seeing things that make it far too easy for him not to keep his mind focused where it needs to be focused.

So, should we as women help bear the burden of men’s visual-lust failings, or should we bare what so many voices tell us we have a right to bare? (Get it? Bear or Bare? I’m so witty….)

1 Response to “Bear, or Bare?”

  1. 1 TimmyTime
    May 19, 2006 at 6:30 pm

    Okay, so my initial reaction to your blurb was different than the reaction I had after reading his entire post.
    The author has a very good point. There are many women these days that dress in ways that offend me both in and out of church. If I am offended by their outfit (or lack thereof) what must a man be thinking?

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