I’ve been a major slacker lately. The state of the house has deteriorated to a sad level. Not as bad as it’s ever been, by any means, but then we’re not talking about extremes here. The cause of this is, of course, sin. Specifically, the love of pleasure. I’ve been immersed in a couple of things that are not sinful in themselves, but my use of them has become over the top. First of all, Harry Potter. I didn’t start enjoying this series until all the current volumes had been released (all six of them). And once you get into a series like this, you just have to keep reading as much as you possibly can, and even somewhat beyond that point, right? I’ve been staying up later than usual, reading sometimes three or four hours a night. What’s going to happen? Someone dies in this one, right? Which side will that one turn out to be on in the end? Is this the last book? What will he do when he comes of age? All these questions and more drive my deisre to become a fly on the wall of Hogwarts (oh wait, that’s Rita Skeeter). Consequently, I’ve lost sleep and had less energy during the day to do my regular routines.

The second thing is this darn computer. If I open a window of FreeCell, forget it. I’m lost till I figure it out. Thankfully I don’t get loads of email every day, but still I love to cruise around the blogsphere, leaving comments hither and yon, hoping to draw readers to my blog (which I am also ever trying to perfect). The kids have had to resort to such things as climbing into my lap and staring me in the face so that I have to crane my neck to see around them at the screen. Umm, obsess much?

Yesterday I was listening to a CD of Pat’s (Curtis, not PatL) sermon from Sunday. The kids were playing quietly in another room and I was doing dishes, taking in as much as I could. The topic was parenting, influencing eternity. Here I was, nodding piously along to his points, when the kids came laughing into the kitchen. A second before I started yelling at them to be quiet (a concept that seems ridiculous in and of itself) I thought about how it would sound if I said to them, “Kids, quiet down and go in the other room. I can’t pay attention to you right now because I am learning how to be a godly parent.” My kids had been playing without my interference for quite a while. They’re only 2 and 4 years old; they can’t be independent for long, and I was just about to send them away so that I could finish having some “me time”. I wasn’t doing something sinful, but if I ignored them in favor of it, I would have been wrong.

I’ve read and heard so many times that parenting is the practical application of dying daily to self. But whose self enjoys dying?

Now, what was the point of this post? I’ve been interrupted so many times that I’ve forgotten. I think I’ll take all those interruptions as a hint that I should get off here. In fact, perhaps I should think of my computer time as an interruption in what I actually should be doing. Ouch.


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