This, my friends, is a mess of brambles. There’s no way I’ve gotten it all out of the yard. These plants are amazingly hady, and left to their own devices they’ll turn an entire meadow into a big ole patch of thorns. One thing that’s so cool about them is that they’ll root from both ends. (My apologies to any gardeners who may be reading this. I have no vocabulary from which to draw the appropriate terms for stuff in this area, so I’m gonna make stuff up in order to report my observations.) Okay, so there’ll be a big fat woody stem coming up out of the ground. Off this main stem will be 5 or 6 smaller branches sort of arcing off down to the ground. You clip the big fat one and think you’ve got it made; all you have to do is drag it away, right? Nope. Each of the smaller branches that are long enough to touch the ground will in turn have started their own root systems. So you’ve got to yank those babies out too. Inevitably you leave huge amounts of root still in the ground, growing stronger with each day, sending out little green shoots and pulsating rhythmically, waiting for some passerby to tread just a little closer…just…a…little…closer….. Before you know it, sounds of “Feed me, Seymour” can be heard wafting from my backyard.

So, being a teacher, not surprisingly I have devised a way to apply this to other areas of my life. Ready? Our hearts are the garden. The brambles are bad thoughts, bad self-talk, sinful desires. As soon as they rear their ugly, prickly little heads we need to yank them out by the roots and get rid of them. At first they might be difficult to distinguish from the wanted plants, the beneficial thoughts we have. Or they might seem suspicious but harmless. If allowed to propagate themselves, propagate they will and we’ll soon be overtaken by the nasty stuff. Where do they come from in the first place? Brambles are native to lots of areas, or they can be brought in from outside by birds that carry seeds or animals with pieces of plant stuck in their fur. The same is true for these bad thoughts that want to take over our hearts. We are inherently sinful, and so have not a small supply of these ready to pop up. Other times these ideas are introduced by the things we read, view, or listen to. We should guard our hearts from stuff like this so we don’t have to do so much weeding and yanking later on.

Okay, allegory over. Take from it what you will. Remember that it is spring, and this season encourages me to be verbose.


2 Responses to “Ouch”

  1. 1 PatL
    April 2, 2006 at 4:41 pm

    Oh, my aching head. To even think of living in a house with a person who does all that stuff! You just got a few notches closer to sainthood in my book!

    Is your back feeling better, by the way?

  2. 2 Eva
    April 3, 2006 at 9:43 am

    Yeah, my back’s better. Don’t know what it was, but the pain’s gone now. Phew.

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